iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development

Why iOS? According to a study, 26% of the users that purchase an iPhone are switching from an Android phone. There is a constant increase in the number of Apple handheld devices being used by people, all over the world. As per a latest market research, Apple product users are more loyal and also accounts for 85% more mobile application revenue than Android. It is also seen that the spending power of an Apple mobile user, in most cases is more than and Android phone user, indicating that an iPhone user will help to generate more revenue from in-app purchases than an Android user.

This is a multi-year trend, so it is important to tap into the fast-growing iOS apps marketplace, in order to keep up!

Our Capabilities:

Our iOS developers have been producing one of a kind applications. We make sure that our team has only the best developers available in the market today. All our projects are taken care of by an experienced project manager, ensuring smooth delivery of the product.  

Our high-end iOS application development team has in-depth knowledge of the Apple platform, languages and platforms  involved in the development including:

iOS Application Development

  • Objective C: One of the primary languages used in iOS development is Objective C which thanks to Apple’s continued work on Cocoa libraries is a truly modern power with C underpinnings.
  • Swift: This programming language is based on the fundamental concepts that makes it more flexible and extensible. Swift was designed to address performance and safety issues as well. Our developers use these features to build stable and safe iOS applications for our clients.
  • XCode: This software is used by our developers as it allows for smooth and easy development, thanks to a well integrated and productive environment it provides for development.
  • PlayGrounds: Our developers make use of interactive playground features to experiment with the various components of the mobile application.

Service Process for iOS


Understanding client’s needs and choice of implementation method


Creating rough application layouts to indicate flow and functionalities


User centric approach for designing and provide for stunning and fresh designs


Our developers create innovative mobile-based applications keeping in mind client’s benefits.


Product is tested on real devices


Only once the product is tested exhaustively it is delivered to the client


Constant support to ensure that your website functions perfectly at all times

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