Case Studies



Loqation is a mobile application that makes it easy for the users to connect with the people in their vicinity. It allows people in the same neighborhood, to connect, chat and post stuff for each other to see. Read on to find out about how it was developed, what challenges were faced in the course of its development and the outcomes.

future school management system

School Management System

School Management System are systems that help the campuses to transform themselves into a high-tech Gurukul. The result will be the increase in branding and the decrease in cost, leaving the parents, faculty, students, and school administration in a more satisfactory state. Also, this system helps parents and faculty to increase their accessibility with each other.

investor view investor portal

Investor Portal

Investments are made very carefully as no one wants to waste their money. The way investment firms work depends on the sector, which they are investing. There are many factors that are taken into consideration even before the investor hears the pitch of the startups/ presenters. Some main points that an investor seek before seeing financial sheets or investment pitch are…

Dashboard Online Doctor Consultation


Mobile Clinic or Online Doctor Consultation is in a trend and is solving a major problem in the healthcare sector. One of Codeyeti’s Australian client has reached Codeyeti with a similar aim of helping patients by connecting them with the doctors through audio-video mode. CyberClinic is a portal for both the Practitioner and the Patients. It is currently providing the service only in Australia, but soon may….

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