Addnum- Easy Location Tracking

Addnum is a location tracking mobile application that allows everyone to generate a unique 6 digit GPS generated ID that replaces your long physical address. These digits (used for location tracking in a hideous way) are unique, short and easy to remember; one would be able to remember it as easily as one remembers one’s debit card pin. With a single click you can locate your friends, go places you have never been to and discover amazing things around you; all in a single app. With Addnum mobile application, people can locate you, you can search for interesting things to do, go to places you have never been to and discover new things to do.

More about Addnum- Easy location tracking

Addnum is a three step location tracking app which are:

  1. Get Addnum: It allows anyone to generate a unique 6 digit GPS generated ID which you can share easily with the world and people can locate you in real time on our maps.
  2. Goto Addnum: You can also locate people, discover new places and connect to others faster and easily through this location tracking application! With a single click you can locate your friends, go places you have never been to and discover amazing things around you.
  3. Share Addnum: You can share your tracked location easily with the world and people using SMS, Social Media and messaging application available in mobile.

Addnum can be used in many different ways for location tracking, some of which are:

  • Security/Ambulance/Emergency services can reach very fast to exact spot of victim by using addnum.
  • Addnum will help everyone from a Senior Citizen to an Adult or a School Boy ( All Age Groups )
  • Finding event locations can be problematic. Most of us tend to ask on call where are you or where shall I meet you?
  • Event organizers, venue managers, performers and festival or party organizers can use addnum.
  • Addnum is the perfect solution for reaching at events, parties, functions, marriage venue etc. People can print the addnum of venue on invitation cards for their guests.
  • Addnum address will show the potential Land Lord or buyer the exact location of the property.
  • Car share apps Finder
  • Local Cabs Finder |Real estate Locator |Logistics , couriers, food delivery, e-commerce delivery
  • Share using Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook and Messaging
  • Use Globally, anytime, anywhere with no Geographical restrictions

Codeyeti with Addnum- Making location tracking easy

CodeYeti built this location tracking mobile application in a way that the six digit, GPS generated, alphanumeric address code can replace the traditional long physical addresses. This would provide for accurate & easy navigation and easy location sharing. Users can also locate their friends and discover interesting things to do, at just a click of a button. The strategic planning and discussion of the app has made promising future for the venture. Codeyeti wishes Addnum for huge success.

A word from Addnum

We chose CodeYeti because of their friendly behavior and interest not only in our company but also understanding our product in depth. Our working relationship was like a mentor and team member, they work like a mentor when we were in confusion and worked like a team to complete the task, it is amazing. I would highly recommend CodeYeti to other businesses for their professional attitude.

Pradeep Kumar- Founder of Addnum