AstroTalk is one of the most authentic astrology destinations for not only those who are seeking astrological assistance, but also for people who are facing bad luck lately. It is a prolific astrological source for people to help them out via specialized queries through audio video modes. Our aim is to use divine science of Astrology to alleviate those who are facing problems in their life and are confused about which way forward. Forget about all your fears and talk to our deemed astrologers without any hesitation.

AstroTalk – Astrology on the go!
– Life is hard but talking to our astrologer is not.
– The ancient art of Indian astrology at your doorstep.
– Detailed and personalized horoscopes at your finger tips
– Unlock your potential to the fullest.
– Embrace the good times by talking out your worries.
– Sshh! We know how to keep a secret and so all our discussions are confidential.
– Your Astrologer is just a screen away! Video Consultation for Personalized Experience
– Trustworthy and Experienced Astrologers are just one click away!
– Settle in, grab a cup of coffee, and book the appointment with the comfort of your home
– We value our customers and we will always appreciate a feedback from your side.
– We are versatile, we support Tabs, Mobiles and PC.

The AstroTalk is the first Astrological App which provides Live Kundli (Kundali/ birth chart/ Janampatri) Predictions via Video Call using Vedic Astrology (Hindu Astrology/ Indian Astrology).

AstroTalk has appointed trusted Astrologers from various remote areas of India and provided them access to a large customer base over the globe. Customers can simply book a session with the astrologer at their preferred time and then speak to them on a video call.

Unlike other companies or Pandits providing Kundli (Kundali) forecast in a very unprofessional way, TheAstroTalk conducts very professional conferencing with the astrologer just like you are speaking to a corporate person in your office.

Android App of Astrotalk

How it works:
– Know thy problem: If you know what you want to discuss, select your topic from our list and you will be presented with the best astrologers to meet your needs.
– Choose your slot: Browse through the available slots and choose the best suited time when you’d like to have the session.
– Book & Pay: You can easily book a session. After that follow the instructions to make your payment.
– Start your video call: You’ll receive a link to your secure online counselling session. Here, you can talk to your astrologer face-to-face on a video call.


We can help you with:
– CAREER: Are you on the crossroads of your career? We can assist you in choosing the right path.
– HEALTH: Falling ill very often? There might be a remedy that our astrologers can tell you.
– RELATIONSHIP: Struggling in relationships? Might be the fault in your stars.
– MARRIAGE OBSTACLES: If you are concerned about your marriage or married life, our astrologers can help you out.
– EDUCATION: Not sure which is better for you among Engineering, Commerce, Humanities, Medical etc; Talk to our astrologer and get to know what future holds for you in each option.

– REMEDIAL CONSULTANCY: Feeling something is wrong with you? Know the Upchaar (remedy) but don’t know how to do it? Let us help you.
– GEMSTONES CONSULTANCY: Because Astrology is not about expensive gemstones, spending a huge amount just to test is not the right way. Consult with our astrologer to know if gemstones work for you.