BabyChakra- Best Pregnancy Parenting Information Platform

BabyChakra is the fastest growing parenting platform for parents those helps them to discover care for their families. Through this parenting application you can discover all the things you need as a parent such as doctors, playschools, events and day cares. Moreover, you can connect with the experts and other parents to make better decisions related to your family. BabyChakra provide its customers a structured ways to make their family healthy and nutritious.

Naiyya Saggi launches BabyChakra- The complete parenting application which is developed by Codeyeti. This idea came to her when a lot of her friends became parents. She observed multiple Facebook groups that were over flooded with questions ranging from parenting to pediatrics. Ready with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a law degree from NLS, this young entrepreneur is determined to dent the $20 billion maternity-child market. BabyChakra has a distinguished Panel of Experts as guides and contributors. The experts not only come highly recommended by mothers to whom they spoke but also have collectively worked with over 40,000 mothers in India. Their expertise ranges across topics such as health, wellness, activities, education and addressing special needs making BabyChakra a complete parenting portal.

BabyChakra with Codeyeti

CodeYeti played a vitol role in developing the first version of Mobile app for BabyChakra. And it is proud to say that the Android App has close to 1,00,000 users and is one of the most successful companies in this segment along with BabyGogoParentLane and BabyCenter

BabyChakra is heavily funded and has the potential to become the biggest player in this segment, provided it has the best tech platform and an awesome customer support team.

Furthermore, BabyChakra is providing 800+ services to 40,000+ parents. Indeed, CodeYeti has a strategic approach for the companies that are going to compete in such a market. Furthermore, these strategic approaches in general include: understanding business of the client, preparing a Business Analysis report, discussing the user interface and back-end with the client according to the market research and analysis reports and much more. CodeYeti wishes BabyChakra for huge success and is available for any help anytime.

A word from BabyChakra

CodeYeti has an amazing tech team.It is certainly one of the best mobile app development company I have worked with. Really happy with their service. I look forward to work with them again in future. Good Luck!