GreenPly Foundation

GreenPly Foundations, a Singapore-based social company, has started a furniture designing/ carpentry initiative, named CarpenterGuru, in India. The carpentry initiative provides:

The carpentry company, CarpenterGuru, has very affordable quotations and is very well competing in the national market. It offers professional tips and advice for all its products. CarpenterGuru gives high priority to the satisfaction of its clients.  It also ensures that all the services are given proper solution whether those be relating to space, budget, color matches, functionality and aesthetic of the area.

CarpenterGuru with CodeYeti- Carpentry Initiative

CarpenterGuru, mobile application, is a Carpenter Training program designed and implemented by Greenply Foundation. The Foundation conducts training for carpenters, in order to equip them with modern carpentry techniques, knowledge of modern material and skills to improve their livelihoods. Over 1,500 carpenters and contractors across Delhi, Kolkata and Bhopal have directly benefitted from this training program so far.

The Carpenter Guru mobile application has features which allow the user (contractors and carpenters) to gain knowledge about newer furniture designs, material, hardware and learn how to work with them. The application also has tools which allow easy calculation of material requirements, getting answers to queries on modern carpentry aspects, and receiving weekly updates in the form of photos and videos. Carpenter Guru is an easy-to-use application, which is highly beneficial to carpenters and contractors who want to upgrade their skills with the progressing times.This is a unique initiative, as there has never been a mobile application developed for training in a professional skill such as carpentry, particularly in India.

CodeYeti helped to build an Android application for providing text and video-based tutorials for carpenters. It provides a chat based support in case the user had any doubts regarding anything. It also provided a conversion tool for the end-users for quick and easy calculations.