Yamaha's Digital Marketing Codeyeti


Yamaha is not an ordinary company but an international brand. In the new world of Digital Marketing, old and ordinary methods of marketing are not that much effective so strategic digital marketing is the new marketing strategy for Yamaha to expand its products and services to every corner of the digital world. Digital marketing is not only a new technique to get traffic towards your products and services but also a strategic technique to increase the brand image.

Digital marketing is very effective, less expensive and more revenue generating technique. Though there are many platforms through which one can market their brand online but it is a major challenge to get the real output through digital marketing. CodeYeti has been successfully managing the digital marketing on Yamaha Since February 2016.

Yamaha with CodeYeti- Digital Marketing Techniques

CodeYeti provided digital marketing services for Yamaha, using a specific platform i.e FaceBook as per the client’s request. We helped develop an online marketing strategy that helped to create an easy to find and engaging experiences that inspired action.

Following are the points that were mostly appreciated by Yamaha for digital marketing project:

  • Content Marketing: Since the content online really impacts how easily your prospective clients find out about you and your services, we created rich and relevant content for our client to attract more people.
  • SEO: Search engine optimisation for the content shared by you to increase your online visibility and reaching out the correct and beneficial type of audience is what CodeYeti do for you.
  • Social Media Marketing: Keeping into consideration the target audience, and creating engaging posts for social media platforms to get more traffic to your website and increasing your brand value.

CodeYeti for your Business

Here’s how CodeYeti can help you:

  1. Brand strategy & growth: There are very few companies out there that succeed in achieving sustained growth. We help companies grow by defining and focusing on their core. The goal is to enable a business to reach its full economic potential.
  2. IT Services growth checks: We help companies develop digital strategies that deliver on a core strategy and delight customers.
  3. Employ key attributes for organisational effectiveness: Furthermore, we work with clients to transform innovation for new product development. Thus, helping to make big ideas actionable by combining creative strategy, analytic approaches and our digital prowess.
  4. Business Intelligence: Moreover, we possess knowledge and expertise focused on customer demand, technology, and the business environment across a wide range of industry sectors. Our knowledge base and exceptional research and consulting capabilities together form a complementary set of consulting services. These services support innovation and strategic action. These actions are very important for the growth of the companies.
  5. Complete solutions:  We provide end to end solutions for your organisation to make it grow exponentially.