FoxBox application can be used for purchasing FMCG products with a just a few taps on the screen. This mobile application allows its users to choose from a list of items that can be filtered according to companies, brands, and other categories. It also shows the different offers that can be availed by the users while ordering a specific product.  All the required products are delivered at the users’ doorstep without any additional delivery charges.

Many mobile FMCG brands primarily use the platform to serve ads. It lacks a great opportunity. Rather than thinking about mobiles as small screen televisions, brands should embrace the potential for interaction with their consumers. Brands can now deliver attractive and appealing experiences, as well as a call to action, resulting in consumers buying products nearby. This is the potential for FMCG and mobile.

How FoxBox can be used for FMCG products

  1. More importantly, brands need to recognize the true potential of the mobile and create plans that focus on potential consumers in or near their buying phase. It is at this stage that the mobile phone can be much more influential than any other platform – whether the consumer is “pushing” shopping, or looking prior to a “planned” shopping trip.
  2. Brands must ensure that their products are integrated into relevant applications (such as product discovery or shopping list applications) that integrate geographic targeting and showcase local retailers that store their products.
  3. Brands should also give their consumers very clear possibilities to buy or try, e.g. Via cashback applications or integration with loyalty programs.
  4. Finally, brands must apply tests and learn budgets to various mobile engagements to establish what works for their brand and their consumers.