Job Nukkad

JobNukkad is a job search app for entry level and blue collar jobs. JobNukkad aims to make the job search process quicker and easier. It also allows you to get job alerts. In India, there is a big gap while connecting employers with employees, especially freshers. While employers are looking for good employees, our youths are constantly searching for work. India has the youngest population in the world and we want to give an opportunity to everyone to prove themselves in their career.

We all love using smartphones and therefore, we brought jobs on mobile. Now, you can see bank, govt., back office, sales, MNC jobs on your mobile and also get free job alerts. You can schedule interviews on the app and make the whole process quicker and easier.

JobNukkad’s Features:

1. Easy to make Resume
2. Easy Jobs search app
3. No charges/ Free job
4. Job alerts
5. Refer a friend and earn Rs 500 if he/she completes one month in the job
6. Download the app and get a guaranteed call within 48 hours

CodeYeti with JobNukkad- Find your Job

Codeyeti developed Jobnukkad’s Android app
With the help of this application, users no longer have to depend on their friends and family for finding a job. Users can just create their profile by filling up the details in the application form and can find great jobs for according to your location. With the app users can get regular job notifications as well. Users can also use filters to classify their search results according to the type of jobs they want, locations and employers