Backed by a strong African heritage, Mara Group is a young and dynamic group with an objective to change the African narrative. They believe that whatever they do has to be game changing and have a positive social impact. The three highlighted thoughts are:

  1. Do Good and Do Well: The business practices are shaped by a firm belief in doing good whilst doing well. Mara is committed to impacting communities in a positive way, while building successful businesses with our partners.
  2. Global and Local Expertise: They also believes in strategic partnerships that bring together global companies with subject matter expertise and a deep local understanding in building sustainable businesses in Africa. Smart partnerships are key to the growth.
  3. Institutional Yet Entrepreneurial: While Mara operates within a robust institutional framework, they put a strong emphasis on cultivating an entrepreneurial culture in everything they do.

CodeYeti with MARA

CodeYeti provided digital marketing services to the client, using multiple platforms. We helped develop a strategy that helped create easy to find, engaging experiences that inspired action. We also provided them with an internal Android application through which they can reach the masses at a faster rate. CodeYeti wishes them Good Luck for their future endeavours.