MyBiz is an android app specially designed for hotels and restaurants. Now-a-day brand management is everywhere; to increase the rating one has to use technology in a very innovative way. MyBiz provides a user interface that can be linked to you P.O.S (Point of Sales) back-end very easily. Through this, a restaurant and a hotel can improve their ratings even further.

For Restaurants, An android tablet placed on the tables with all the information about the restaurant such as the Menu, the dish wise ratings, the discount offers, a feature to chat with the chef, and various payment gateways. These features will not only increase the customer experience but also increase the brand value. Thus, increasing the revenue of the restaurant.

For Hotels, An android or iOS tablet in the rooms of the hotel with all the information such as Menu, dining timings, dish-wise reviews, a feature to chat with the reception/room service and with the chef and cab, train and flight booking options. Making these features accessible to customers through a tablet will increase the brand value and, further, the sales/revenue.

CodeYeti Developed this Management App

CodeYeti developed this order management to ensure that technical advancement can increase the sales of your restaurant or hotel. CodeYeti designed this app in a way that it can be linked with any P.O.S. For further information contact here.