My Diary

MyDiary is a School Management System which has been built to revolutionize the education system by the use of technology. In its first phase, MyDiary is trying to curb the communication gap between Parents, Teachers and the Students by building this platform, which enables them to communicate through software and all information is available over a Mobile app.

It has all the features through which the parents can monitor the performance of their children. Below are the set of important features:

  • Attendance through Face Recognition System
  • Student Bus tracking using GPS
  • Integrated Chat between Parents, Teacher and Students
  • Syllabus Tracking
  • Calendar / Time Table
  • Complete Student Profile
  • Diary / Notice
  • Online Assignment
  • GradeBook / Exam Records / Performance Graph
  • File Manager / List all important files and images online / Gallery
  • Cashless Campus. Fee Payment is done online & Canteen Payment is done using NFC cards
  • Feedback

MyDiary was created out of an need that has not been addressed effectively. Children have ever-increasing to do list, parents are equally concerned about their child’s performance and schedule. MyDiary is available on the following platforms:

  • Android & iOS Apps for Teacher, Student & Parents
  • Web Dashboard for Teachers, School Admin and Super Admin
  • Android App for Bus Driver & Guards

CodeYeti with MyDiary- The App for Educational Institutes

CodeYeti has developed Mydiary using the following technology Stack:

  • iOS – Swift
  • Android Java
  • Backend – Java Spring Hibernate
  • Website – HTML, CSS, JavaScript & AngularJS

MyDiary has been heavily funded by Shrem.

Android App