My Diary

In India, the education system has not been much revolutionized by technology due to which its importance is degrading day by day. As the economy is moving towards digitalization, education system also needs to be upgraded. Educational Institutes also need to get digitalized. This innovative and important change is started by MyDiary app through which educational institutes can become technically more advanced. Moreover, there is always an information gap between parents and teachers. The reason for this is lack of direct communication between the both. Such small factors can have big effect on child’s performance.

MyDiary was created out of an need that has not been addressed effectively. Children have ever-increasing to do list, parents are equally concerned about their child’s performance and schedule and schools need to adapt technology and plan for inclusive education.

MyDiary comes with several unique features like face recognition based attendance, GPS bus tracking, online file sharing, integrated chat, syllabus tracking etc. which makes it stand far ahead of any other school app.

CodeYeti with MyDiary- The App for Educational Institutes

CodeYeti has helped build a breakthrough application for educational institutes.  MyDiary is a parent-teacher interaction application that offers the following features:

  • Parent – Teacher Chat
  • School/College Admin can broadcast messages through the application
  • Students can monitor their own performance through timeline tracking
  • Allows for a cashless campus. College students will be provided with NFC cards with prepaid recharge facilities, that will become the primary mode of payment at the campus.
  • Attendance using face recognition and NFC cards

Android App