Nexges is a service app enhancer which transforms your current society services and services nearby you into an automated and efficient system. Your own society services app with Real-Time tracking system for maintenance and visitor management. Service like- Maintenance Services, grocery, Fresh Fruits & veg, Pharmacy and Pathology can be managed easily.

Features of Nexges- The Service App:

  • Discover: Discovering the local needs of each service user. Nexges find out service providers of each area and then register the service user and service provider on the system so that each need of user can be fulfilled by the provider.
  • Design: The service app has a design is to connect us with three phase. First phase is to connect to service user. Second phase is to connect service provider. Third phase is to connect business partners. So, they are the multi-phase connect zone.
  • Create: They provide a number of services to users; Some of which are food, medical, repairing service, general maintenance, miscellaneous service where users directly demand their orders to providers.
  • Grow: Growing users and providers day by day. Providers are happy with the grow of their business. Users are happy with the numbers of service which are growing. Hassle free and one call resolves all.

CodeYeti with Nexges- The service app

CodeYeti developed Nexges application. We worked on converting their website into a mobile application. In the process, we created a native application and have opened the website inside it. In parallel, CodeYeti is working on converting the website fully into Native Android application. Nexges is an automated service provider for all your society needs ranging from plumber to visitor management system which includes services provider from within as well as outside a particular society.