Share A Car

ShareACar is India’s best and #1 real-time Carpooling / Ridesharing mobile app for trusted ridesharing with friends and ShareACar community. It helps you find people who are commuting in the same direction as you, on a google map based user interface for a comfortable and a low-cost commute. The carpooling app allows you to find immediate & trusted carpool options. Following are the benefits that you receive through ShareACar

  • Cut your monthly commute bill by at least 50% by sharing fuel costs.
  • Find a ride if you don’t have a car.
  • Cashless payment per km for your ride via ShareACar wallet.
  • Make friends On-The-Go.
  • Even use carpool on weekend travel to hometown and travel to shopping mall.
  • Reduce traffic on the road.
  • Helps save the environment and reduce pollution

CodeYeti with ShareACar- Carpooling App

CodeYeti launched ShareACar’s Android App. This is a mobile android application for trusted ridesharing with friends and ShareACar community. The venture is led by Rohit Karan and Shobit Srivastav with an aim to solve the carpooling problem in India. The startup is competing with BlaBlaCar, Tripda and OlaShare.

A word from ShareACar

``CodeYeti was our tech partner for ShareACar - an android app for carpooling. I am happy to say I am very pleased with the end product and the talent this team has. The team gets involved in early stages of the product and spends considerable time designing the end product from the wireframes. This also helps founders use the team as sounding board so that there are no gaps in the end product in your head and what it delivers.``

Rohit Karan- Founder and CEO at ShareACar
Rohit Karan- Founder and CEO at ShareACar