Showcraze is a social networking app which enables nearby users with common interests to connect with each other. You can meet new people around you who have the same interests and who like doing the same activities just like you. You can also create a ‘Mentor’ which basically is your Page. You can let people follow you and can follow other mentors as well. Such as if you are a guitarist, you can follow the experts and connect with people having similar interests as you have. You can even chat with them and can arrange a meeting with all the people. Following are the main features:

  • Discover new people around you.
  • Chat with like-minded people.
  • Follow people with similar interests.
  • Get to know about events happening near you.
  • Reach out to different social groups.
  • Discover fellow travelers for your next backpacking adventure.
  • Meet people who like similar sports and live near you.