The Weight Monitor- Your Diet Planner

Codeyeti developed a Weight Monitoring (more specifically, a diet planner) platform, both Android and iOS, named TheWeightMonitor for IDK Healthcare Pvt Ltd. The apps deliver personalized nutrition and dietary guidance with interactive monitoring tools. These tools help its customers lose weight in a right way and reach the target weight. These diet planner apps focus on the concept of teaching a person the art of eating right. These also help one to lose weight and to stay fit. TheWeightMonitor currently serve its customers in 120 cities worldwide as a personal diet planner., India’s first online diet planner website was founded by a Clinical Nutritionist, Ms. Ishi Khosla & her son Dev Aditya Khosla who is a budding entrepreneur. TheWeightMonitor apps offer not only the weight loss but also weight management programs in just a click. It provides services at almost 1/5th the cost of visiting nutrition center, which saves hours of a person’s time.

Codeyeti helped TheWeightMonitor to make the service available to everyone through its mobile application platform. TheWeightMonitor is now competing with its competitors such as Pact, Fooducate and MyFitnessPal with new strategies and much simpler User Interface on apps.

However, we all are Diet Planner in ourselves but TheWeightMonitor has very researched and tested approach towards weight loss goals, some of which are

  • Real time personal Dashboard
  • High On Nutrition & Right On Calories
  • Daily Food Diary Reviews
  • Unlimited Phone Support

These focused approaches will help a person to get desired weight in a much shorter time. So what are you waiting for? Get TheWeightMonitor here

Codeyeti with TheWeightMonitor- Your Personal Diet Planner

Codeyeti not only designed but also developed both Android and iOS apps in a strategic step-by-step way. This approach of Codeyeti helped TheWeightMonitor to ensure more efficient and better customer experience for their customers. Codeyeti designed the apps not only in an innovative way but also in a short time span to complete the entire project. Codeyeti, very confidently, ensures its customers not only a good quality but also a timed completion. Codeyeti wishes huge success to IDK Healthcare for its game changing venture and will be available for any kind of help they needed to achieve their aim.