TimeRewards is an android application that enables the user to make timesheets and expenses sheets according to his job and get it approved by the authorities in just one click. Expenses and Time management is everyone’s issue. Sometimes we are unable to keep the track and then suffer its consequences. TimeRewards solves this problem. It’s interactive and simple user interface is what makes it easy and understandable. An employee or a student can keep the tracks of his work or activity very easily through this. The timesheets enable a person to set start time, date, end time, activity/work description and hours of work. These sheets can then be sent to the higher authorities for approval in a click.

Furthermore, the expenses sheet helps the individual to enter the amounts, date, place, reason to spend and seller’s information. These sheets can be used by employees for reimbursements, students for tracking and housewives for calculating household budgets. In companies, TimeRewards can be used very effectively as the data that the authorities receive is in tabular form. Authorities can approve the timesheets and expenses sheets and the approval will be sent to the employee. These sheets can be approved monthly, annually or even weekly. This is a very useful app to keep tracks in a company.

CodeYeti with TimeReward- Timesheets & Expenses Management

CodeYeti helped to build TimeRewards’ timesheets and expenses sheet android application. The app is made with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The Venture is led by TimeRewards Software IncThe company is competing with other Timesheet management companies such as ClickTime and Toggle. CodeYeti wishes Good Luck to Sunil Kukreja and TimeRewards Team for their success.