Forget the armchair explorer: this is the age of the pocket traveler. In the not-quite-decade since smartphones burst onto the market, ingenious developers have come up with an impossible range of apps designed to make your travels smoother, cheaper and more fun. Where once you would have had to wrangle over the phone in broken French to book a room in Paris, or bury your face in a map the size of a billboard to negotiate your way around the streets of Kyoto, or identify a mountain according to the contours of its peak – your smartphone now does your work for you. Each of our 50 best travel apps, then, has earned its place on the list by virtue of doing something halfway useful. But more than that, many of them push the boundaries in some way, being innovative, quirky or (in some cases) downright space-age. So browse well, take your pick and get globe-trotting – because, with a few of these in your pocket, you may never look at the world in the same way again.

CodeYeti with Tripz- Travel Guide

Tripz is a personal travel guide. This travel guide helps an individual for trip planning, looking up schedules, real-time bus arrivals, taxi availability and smartest shortest path to reach the destination. It provides important information like timings and locations for all the prominent modes of transport such as bus, train, cabs and autos. The best route and prices will also be listed in terms of time and prices. It also has a support chat feature that helps you stay updated.

CodeYeti built an android application for Tripz. The travel guide only focused on App-based platform to ensure smooth operations. CodeYeti designed the app in a way so that Tripz can compete well in the market. CodeYeti Wishes Tripz Good Luck for their future and promises to help whenever needed.