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The landscape of business has changed with the arrival of m-commerce and e-commerce. The real estate business is also affected by these emergence. Generally, the property and real estate business has moved their process to advertisements in order to reach the millions of potential clients. We, at Codeyeti, are working on the next big tech trends in the real estate business.

Customer behavior is changing when it comes to searching for an office or a home. Users want to check out the location and property space in as much digital way as possible reducing the property hunting process. We, at Codeyeti, develop solutions as per client’s request and keeping the latest trends in mind.

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Challenges in App-based Real Estate Business

Application Development can fuel the Online Real Estate Business

Shortage of Talent

Due to fewer qualified buyers in the online real estate business, consumers don’t trust and assure of getting the property that they dreamed of. They are unsure about buying online and often complaint about the bad UX while browsing through the websites.

Digital Presence

As everything is becoming smart and digital these days, users want to have the real feel of the house or property they are looking online. These demographic preferences coupled with the technological advancements are affecting the online real estate business.

Must Provide Better Experience

Users want a painless and less stressful experience. They look forward to online real estate business to skip queues to book a property. Users want to have complete idea and information before they actually go to visit the property. In a nutshell, a fast selling and purchasing experience is what users want.

Surging Operating Costs

Though the new norms after the Union Budget 2017, have affected the real estate sector a lot. The rates of property have decreased, but the operating cost is still increasing. The cost of maintenance, repairs, lending, and development is adhere to augment the user service.

How Codeyeti Delivers Business Values?

Codeyeti aims at employing the potential opportunities of the large database of property available in the market and displaying it to the user in the most attractive way possible. This will render a smooth experience to the zealous buyers. Our sole purpose during the development of apps and websites is to regale it to the global users using latest technologies. We are good at developing a web or mobile solution that offers ease to view, select and buy from any device, iOS based and Android based, the users own.

Key Solutions that we provide, are:

  1. Auction/ Propert’s portal Web Development
  2. Real Estate Property Listing & Selection
  3. Fully Responsive/ Mobile Optimized
  1. Real Estate Mobile App Developmet
  2. Content Management System
  3. Admin Dashboards
  1. Existing Website Redevelopment
  2. Custom Page Development

Market Insights of Real Estate Business

Doing business of properties like land, housing and buildings had and have always proved to be beneficial. We still have reached only 62% of land including forest land and wildlife sanctuaries, So managing and reusing this land has been beneficial very much. Real Estate not only includes construction but also much more business to manage that infrastructure. In a nutshell, Doing business in real estate is always beneficial.

The Property industry is further classified on the basis of its working and target market. Many big giants such as DLF, CommonFloor ( A Quikr Company) and GoodMan have focused on a particular or group of categories of real estate business. Most startups focus on individual category and then expand to different categories. The categories are:

real estate consulting


real estate construction



Selling & Renting



Some of Our Projects

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